Our mission

To make web design completely visual and code free. We are solo founders who are willing to change the way of coding. We think the next generation of webs and mobile apps are more about design than coding and if designers have a powerful tool in their hands, there is no need to build a website by the help of developers .

So here everything’s about the design.

Use our service and give us feedback via email : feedback@devgraphic.com

Arvin mirsadeghi
Cofounder & CTO at devgraphic
Hey ! I’m Technical leader at Devgraphic Studio.
I’m responsible for every single code in the website.
Arman Hajizadeh
Managing Director at Devgraphic
Hey! I’m the Product manger at Devgraphic Studio.
For now I’ve got a couple of responsibility and the most Important one is to understand our user’s need and requirements.
Amin akhavan
Growth Manager
I’m here to help Devgraphic team with developing and executing plans to acquire and retain our clients as well as upselling our service.
If you see a bug or have sth to tell us about the product
Don’t hesitate and keep in touch with us via this email : contacts@devgraphic.com